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2013-12-19 Aaron Zaunerwhat? DJB doesnt mention NSA directly. thats a critique...
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2013-12-19 Aaron ZaunerPostgreSQL. way better now :)
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2013-12-17 Tobias DussaStreamlined the PKI section a bit and made some things...
2013-12-17 Aaron Kaplanof course, we also have to \input the _generated.tex...
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2013-12-17 Tobias DussaTook out unused (and non-standard) LaTeX package.
2013-12-17 Tobias DussaFixed include problem in howtoread.
2013-12-17 Aaron ZaunerSHA digest refers to the use of the hash function as...
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerrephrasing and confusion.
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerhence, we can get rid of this TODO here as well, i...
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunermv "strong enough" -> "strong", remove comment on GCM...
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2013-12-17 Aaron Kaplanadded section on SHA by Florian Mendel. Thank you
2013-12-17 cmreference for IPSEC PSK lenght
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerunified text on testing ssh KEX setup
2013-12-17 Aaron Zauneradded Cisco ASA and IOS SSH section written by kasten...
2013-12-17 Aaron Kaplantypo die die die
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerremove explicit mention of ssllabs since ssltest and...
2013-12-17 Aaron Zauneradd CIPHERSTRINGB to imapd.conf
2013-12-17 Aaron ZaunerPKI: is debian/ubuntu. specific, no such thing...
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerensure \newpage for reviewers and further research...
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerclarify incorrect issuing by CAs
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerextended and corrected part on PKI/PKI hardening, added...
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerforgot "::
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunermodify pound config to exclude SSLv3 but include our...
2013-12-17 Aaron Zauners/choices/options + \n
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerreworked proxy section, rephrased and added content
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerget rid of group 24 in ASA config
2013-12-17 Aaron Zauner+for
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunermv AES-GCM AEAD
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunergroup 24 is also a NIST curve :(
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerget rid of EC groups
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerget rid of comment to generate dh groups
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerget rid of DH group 5 in ASA IKE policies
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerget rid of GMAC in VPN section
2013-12-17 Aaron Zauneradded cipherstring keyword to webserver section
2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerchange sentence as recommended by karsten iwen