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2013-11-25 cmforward secrecy: its the server key!
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2013-11-22 Aaron Kaplanfinal version which was presented @deepsec 2013
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2013-11-22 Aaron Kaplanminor rephrasing of the slides
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2013-11-21 UlrichAdding Bluecoat part from Adam Lewicki, as well as...
2013-11-21 Aaron Kaplandocument
2013-11-21 Tobias DussaAdded FF plugins to PKI section.
2013-11-21 Aaron Kaplanadd \label{section:X} to almost every section so that...
2013-11-21 cmfix crossreferences
2013-11-21 UlrichBugfix for #183 "Cipher suites". compiles again.
2013-11-21 UlrichAbstract language, hyperref beauty, pound proxy, cleanup
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2013-11-21 Wolfgang Breyhaexim section reworked
2013-11-20 Thomas Schrecknotes about PKI and Jabber
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2013-11-20 UlrichInsert chapter for proxy-solutions and their cipher...
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2013-11-20 Aaron Kaplanlist of things we will want to document later, maybe
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2013-11-19 Adi Kriegischadded (draft) section about cipher suites
2013-11-19 Aaron KaplanTypo chose vs. choos. Oh!man!
2013-11-19 Pepi ZawodskyAdded stub for Opportunistic TLS in SMTP and config...
2013-11-19 David DurvauxDrafting OpenVPN (only DRAFT)
2013-11-19 David DurvauxDrafting OpenVPN (only DRAFT)
2013-11-19 Ulrichminor changes in README and test-commit