2014-02-03 Aaron ZaunerMerge pull request #49 from berq/master
2014-01-30 berqs/IMB/IBM/
2014-01-30 berqDone the things in the
2014-01-29 Pepi ZawodskyAdded task for improving the wording of the mailing...
2014-01-27 Aaron Kaplanexclude ICS systems
2014-01-21 Pepi ZawodskyTODO Bugfix: Apache should recommend redirect instead...
2014-01-21 Aaron Kaplanrm -f is as good as if [ -f ... ] ; then rm ...
2014-01-20 Aaron KaplanMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-20 Aaron KaplanRevert "Updated make clean to prevent incorrect failures"
2014-01-20 Aaron Kaplannotes
2014-01-20 Aaron KaplanMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-20 Aaron Kaplannotes
2014-01-20 Pepi ZawodskyUpdated make clean to prevent incorrect failures
2014-01-20 Aaron Kaplannotes
2014-01-20 Aaron Kaplankeep notes
2014-01-20 Aaron Kaplandon't forget things we said during the meeting. put...
2014-01-20 Aaron Kaplanadd feedback by Tobias pape
2014-01-20 sebixSpell checking (used aspell, and and wikipedia...
2014-01-20 sebixwarning in SSH-section about connection problems (has...
2014-01-18 sebixAdjusting listing box margin, was too for using texlive...
2014-01-17 sebixRevert paragraphDiamond
2014-01-17 sebixMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-17 Aaron ZaunerMerge pull request #46 from oglueck/master
2014-01-16 Ortwin Glückadd Openswan
2014-01-16 cmpostfix: docs are wrong, loglevel must be >= 1
2014-01-11 sebixAdd information on ECDH-params for lighttpd
2014-01-11 sebixMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-11 Aaron Kaplanminor change
2014-01-11 Aaron Kaplanrename TODO.txt to so that it is easier to...
2014-01-11 sebixCorrect merge Error: nginx: "as long as they are >...
2014-01-11 sebixMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2014-01-11 Aaron KaplanMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-11 Aaron Kaplannote about feedback: explain compression
2014-01-11 sebixlast small typographical corrections
2014-01-11 sebixPKI Self-Signing: add a command to create a cert and...
2014-01-11 sebixuse the order Tested > Settings > References everywhere...
2014-01-11 sebixUse compact lists of mdwlist, save space
2014-01-11 sebixRemove Heading (scrheadings), Aaron's wish
2014-01-11 sebixMakefile: "make once" runs pdflatex once; .txt only...
2014-01-11 sebixLaTeX-Code cleanup, syntax uniformed and correct typogr...
2014-01-11 sebixUse UTF-8 for umlauts, copying them out of the PDF...
2014-01-11 sebixMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-10 Pepi ZawodskyAdded very experimental TXT export
2014-01-10 Pepi ZawodskyAdded a tools to check for mixed SSL on your website
2014-01-09 Aaron Kaplancorrection for F.Mendel's association: it is A-Sit...
2014-01-08 Aaron ZaunerMerge pull request #44 from mathisdt/master
2014-01-08 Mathis Dirksen... added tested versions and harmonized references to...
2014-01-07 Aaron Kaplanthe last _ fix did not fix it. Add a \url and escape #
2014-01-07 Adi Kriegischfixed underscore in url
2014-01-07 Adi Kriegischadded todo to lighttpd (ec curve selection and dh param...
2014-01-07 Aaron KaplanDBs.tex still had a hardcoded cipherstring B text and...
2014-01-07 Aaron KaplanRNGs.tex already had moved to src/theory/ . Remove...
2014-01-07 Aaron Kaplanremember topics we said in the meeting
2014-01-07 Aaron Zaunerfix intendation in openssh section
2014-01-07 Aaron Zauneradd openssh section for debian wheezy/openssh6.0
2014-01-07 Aaron ZaunerMerge pull request #43 from ax3l/fix-openSSH64kex
2014-01-07 Axel HueblRemove for now
2014-01-07 Aaron ZaunerMerge pull request #39 from fxkr/openssh-permitrootlogi...
2014-01-07 Aaron KaplanLaTeX comment on how to remove the draft watermark
2014-01-07 Adi Kriegischupdated/fixed keylength recommendations based on Ecrypt...
2014-01-07 Aaron Zauneradd IACR cryptoDB BibTeX entries for ALL THE PUBLICATIONS!
2014-01-07 Aaron Kaplanforgot to commit a comment in TODO.txt
2014-01-07 Aaron KaplanMerge branch 'krono/draft-enhanchement' of https:/...
2014-01-07 Aaron KaplanRe-enable SRP.
2014-01-07 Aaron Zauneradd
2014-01-07 Aaron Kaplanrename
2014-01-07 Aaron Kaplancollect more feedback
2014-01-07 Aaron Kaplanupdate feedback list
2014-01-07 Aaron Kaplanfeedback on 2k RSA keys
2014-01-07 Aaron Kaplanproperly reference the debian howto on PGP settings
2014-01-07 Aaron Kaplantry to find the most important points
2014-01-07 Aaron Kaplanlist feedback items which must be reviewed
2014-01-07 Aaron Kaplanplace to collect feedback
2014-01-07 Tobias PapeRe-enable draft
2014-01-07 Tobias PapeRevert "Revert "Merge pull request #36 from krono/krono...
2014-01-07 Aaron KaplanMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-07 Felix Kaiseropenssh: PermitRootLogin: without-password comment
2014-01-06 Aaron ZaunerMerge pull request #38 from fxkr/readme--reviewers...
2014-01-06 Felix Kaiserreadme/faq: reviewers.tex -> acknowledgements.tex
2014-01-05 Aaron Zaunerno OpenSSH upstream support of DJB curves as of today
2014-01-05 Aaron ZaunerMerge pull request #32 from ax3l/ssh-moreEtmMacs
2014-01-05 Axel HueblOnly advertise OpenSSH 6.4
2014-01-05 Axel HueblETM for SSH2 was introduced in OpenSSH 6.2
2014-01-05 Axel HueblRemove aes-192 for now
2014-01-05 Aaron ZaunerMerge pull request #37 from Intichar/master
2014-01-05 Axel HueblRemove AllowUsers
2014-01-05 Axel HueblAdd intermediate aes192-ctr
2014-01-04 Axel Hueblspaces -> tabs
2014-01-04 Axel HueblOptional: Whitelist static users for login
2014-01-04 Axel HueblTested with OpenSSH 6.4, too
2014-01-04 Eva Seidlmore space between text and footnotes
2014-01-04 Aaron KaplanRevert "Merge pull request #36 from krono/krono/draft...
2014-01-04 Axel HueblShould really learn the alphabet...
2014-01-04 Axel HueblAdded myself to the reviewers list
2014-01-04 AaronKMerge pull request #36 from krono/krono/draft-enhanchement
2014-01-04 Aaron ZaunerMerge pull request #33 from ax3l/apache2-notefix
2014-01-04 InticharMinor changes in IOS section
2014-01-03 Tobias PapeChange Draft-mark handling
2014-01-03 Aaron Kaplanremove the draft across the document, since it is a...
2014-01-03 AaronKMerge pull request #35 from Ardobras/master