2013-12-26 Eva Seidlminor layout improvements
2013-12-26 Eva Seidlchanged howtoread.eps font to Open Sans
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2013-12-26 Aaron Zaunermoved MSSQL server to further research
2013-12-25 Aaron Zaunertested with: version for apache (debian)
2013-12-25 Aaron KaplanRevert "we do not need an introduction to SQL or do...
2013-12-25 cmRevert "use cipherstring b in openvpn", because it...
2013-12-25 Aaron Zaunerreformat ECC section
2013-12-25 Aaron Zaunerwe do not need an introduction to SQL or do we?
2013-12-25 Aaron Zaunerreview and rephrase IRC section
2013-12-25 Aaron Zauneruse cipherstring b in openvpn
2013-12-25 Aaron Zaunercommented out: exchange
2013-12-25 Aaron Zaunerpostfix already has a references section
2013-12-25 Aaron Zauneradd cyrus version
2013-12-25 Aaron Zaunerreview of openssh section
2013-12-25 Aaron Zaunerremove todo
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2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplanflow chart updated
2013-12-24 cmadded URL with online edition to anderson2008
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2013-12-24 cmmore reviewer input, mostly wording
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplanagain...
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2013-12-24 Aaron Zauneradded ritters glossary of cryptography
2013-12-24 Aaron Zauners/numbers/primes/
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2013-12-24 cmwording changes
2013-12-24 cmadd mention of TinyCA to CA section
2013-12-24 cmTODO regarding xrefs
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2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplanplaying around with the flowchart
2013-12-24 Aaron Zaunermake that 14-18
2013-12-24 Eva Seidlminor layout improvements
2013-12-24 cmremoved the "again", because its a first-time mention
2013-12-24 cma few commas etc
2013-12-24 cmmention dh group lengths
2013-12-24 cmadd xref
2013-12-24 cmadd note WRT browser trust stores
2013-12-24 cmrewrite PKI section
2013-12-24 cmreviewer disclaimer
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplan) was missing
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplantypos
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplantypo
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplantypos, slight re-phrasing
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplantypos
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplantypos
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplantypos , add reference to silc
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplangrammer, typos in im.tex
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplantypos
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplantypos typos typos
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplantypos, die
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplantypo squashing
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2013-12-24 Pepi ZawodskyAdded test results for dovecot on OS X Server 10.8.5
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2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanmanually merge in sebi's changes. git merge got confuse...
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2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanmove reviewers to acknowledgement section and move...
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanadd xkcd comic :)
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanand again, re-do adding item seclayer-tcp to further...
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2013-12-23 Aaron KaplanRevert "Merge
2013-12-23 Aaron KaplanRevert "move seclayer-tcp to further research"
2013-12-23 cmtypo
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2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanmove seclayer-tcp to further research theory-rewrite
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanexclude seclayer-tcp for now. Waiting for input from...
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanmove l2tp, racoon to further research
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanremove l2tp, racoon. No content yet
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2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplancorrect the flow diagram
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanadd sebix to reviewers. Thank you very much!!
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2013-12-23 Eva Seidlminor layout modifications and clean-up
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanchange \begin{description} to subsections as in webserv...
2013-12-23 sebixmerging webserver.tex with upstream
2013-12-23 sebixLighttpd Section finished and tested,
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanformatting
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanthe Caution warning is not neccessary anymore, we expla...
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2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanfixed all reverences now
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2013-12-23 Aaron Zauneradded how to test stuff for MTAs and moved SMTP in...
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanoops, subsection was a duplicate
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2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanactually add the compatibility section. It is important
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanfix references
2013-12-23 Pepi ZawodskyAdded 30C3 Lightningtalk Slides PDF
2013-12-23 Pepi ZawodskyNow ignoring the missing fonts log by TeX
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanmoved images to img/ subdir
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanadd label
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplan@@@CIPHERSUITEB@@@ macro
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanwrite the @@@CIPHERSTRINGB@@@ macro here
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanfixed one todo, thanks to Florian Mendels' section