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2013-12-03 Aaron Zaunereasy-rsa can do 4096bit keys, been there done that...
2013-12-03 Aaron Zaunerreorder openssh KEX algorithms by relevance of security...
2013-12-03 Aaron Zaunercorrect nomenclature on galloi counter mode
2013-12-03 Aaron Zauneradded openssh ServerKeyBits (set to 4096)
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2013-11-28 Aaron Kaplanadded section RNGs which was written by Ralf Schlatterbeck.
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2013-11-28 Pepi Zawodskynginx does't allow ssl_protocols to be excluded, only...
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2013-11-25 Aaron Zaunerclarification on DSA exclusion from openssh settings...
2013-11-25 cmopenvpn: tls-cipher differences 2.2/2.3
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