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2014-02-03 Adi Kriegischadded SNI trick to catch old browsers (nginx)
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2013-12-31 Thomas Renardsyntax error on Lighty 1.4.33-1+nmu2 (Debian Sallie):
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2013-12-24 cmremoved the "again", because its a first-time mention
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2013-12-24 sebixGot rid of now use %*\cipherstringB*) insid...
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2013-12-24 sebixWebserver cleanup and uniformed, STS
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplantypos typos typos
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplantypos, die
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2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplanmerge merge merge sebix's input
2013-12-24 Aaron Kaplanmanually merge in changes from
2013-12-23 Aaron Kaplanmanually merge in sebi's changes. git merge got confuse...
2013-12-23 Aaron KaplanRevert "Merge
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2013-12-17 Aaron Zaunerremove explicit mention of ssllabs since ssltest and...
2013-12-17 Aaron Zauneradded cipherstring keyword to webserver section
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2013-12-16 Aaron Kaplanfix structure. Add test in nginx
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